Sponsors and Supporters

Mount Elephant would not work without massive support and goodwill from everybody.

Some are listed here (in order of appearance). Please forgive us if we miss you. (It will be by mistake and please let us know).

Corangamite Shire

(Track maintenance, weed control, generator, ...)

State Government, RDC,

(Part funding of the Visitor Centre, ...)

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority

(Weed and pest control, preserve native vegetation, ......)

Federal Government

(Weed and pest control, preserve native vegetation, .....)

Trust for Nature

Jack and Millie Borbidge bequest

(For Infrastructure, Part of the Visitor Centre, walking track improvements, Lesley's Track, ....)


Sinclair brothers (Kitchen and toilet fittings)

Inavarnika (untagged proceeds from their music festivals)

Upright Burials (Memorial trees)

Bob and Pam Knight (Native plant regeration)