This page updated 15/8/2018)

A Mount Elephant Update newsletter is published every few months.

It talks about what is happening on Mount Elephant and in the surrounding natural environment.

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Vintage Vespa scooter club members arrive at Mount Elephant

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July 2019

- Mount Elephant Update - July 2019

NAIDOC event

Seed orchard planting

Fire on the Mount

Waking the Giants web site


Self guided tours of the Mount

Social media addresses.

Aug 2018

"Waking the Giants" coming event

"Forgotten woodlands" revegetation project.

Walking poles for loan.

Platypus survey of Mt Emu Ck.

Dec 2017

Tree planting

Wallaby and treeguards

I am volcanic lakes and plains

Centre available for Environmental Events

Off grid solar power.

eBird surveys

Photopoint records

July2017 5

06/28/2017 - Mount Elephant Update

school visits

Aust Geographic "Forged by Fire"

"Looking to buy" film

NAIDOC week event

"Stonework play" event

02/19/2017 - Mount Elephant Update

Feb 2017

Revised eruption age

Volcano Dreaming banners

Tree planting

School study tours

Drone flight

10/18/2016 - Mount Elephant Update - October 2016

Nov 2016 2

Mount Elephant Centre opening

Wildflowerson local roadsides

Water in lakesfinally!

Granite sample in erupted scoria.