Update 18/9/17


She was near the top gate in Sept 2017. Tell us if you see her again.

Following the family. Now many kangaroos and wallabies on the mount.

They are a traffic hazard at dawn and dusk.

She impressed the kids!

nest in 2001 planting, north face

Aug 2017 Now maybe 20 wallabies and 10 kangaroos.

Striped skink are very fast. They are common but shy and eat insects.

This was camped under a rock for the winter.

All the black wattles (A.mernsii) have been ringbarked by borer grubs.

Cryptic grasshopper (spotted by Sean Marler)

(probably 5th instar of Goniaea australasiae)

A.mernsii with the dense pinnate leaves compared to A.decurrens with open leaves and the flowers in August.

2017 May. Brown goshawk (young) who flew inside the Centre and released unharmed.

peregrine falcon nest on west face

peregrine falcon nest in west face.

nest in 2001 planting, north face

There are plenty of these fellows. This one came to watch the building.

2017 April. Caterpillar of the wanderer butterfly on a swan plant.