g Management Plan (Draft)

planning map

Map showing plantings, weeds, signs and tracks.

Update 27/7/2014

Management Plan - 2012 to 2017. (Version 12/7/12)

(This plan is a draft at present until it has been approved by MECM committee and by Trust for Nature.)

Details of the plan are at https://sites.google.com/site/mountelephantworking/management-plan

Aim of this plan is:

1. to give a framework for community planning of the future of Mount Elephant.

2. to give information about the mount to stakeholders and funders.

3. to give guidelines for the management of the mount.


Over the next 20 years Mount Elephant will be a landmark in the district for a wilderness experience and will be a centre for learning about the natural heritage of the district.

Management Themes and Actions: These are listed below and in detail on later pages.

We are looking for suggestions to improve the plan and our management.

Restore the habitat Aim to restore the original trees and grasses. Encourage the wildlife.

Control Pest plants and animals Use management, biology and (if necessary) chemicals to control weeds and rabbits.

Manage Risks Identify risks to visiting public, volunteers and neighbours and develop strategies to reduce the risks.

Educate and Communicate. Find and present information to enrich the visitor experience.

Manage visitors and volunteers Develop procedures so visitors and volunteers can safely enjoy the experience.

Maintain Partnerships. Develop relations with stakeholders and funding partners which are to our mutual benefit.

Manage Infrastructure Develop and maintain our infrastructure (buildings, tracks, fences, signs) to be useful but not intrusi

ControlGovernance and finance. Maintain a management structure which is works and we can be proud of.

Manage Livestock. Where necessary manage the vegetation by profitable and sustainable grazing.

zMount Elephant Administration Site This is a separate site for administration documents.